Energy Systems

Losing weight is among the big problems of people who are suffering from obesity. Many think that shedding off extra weight is a burden but the truth is, keeping the extra pounds is even scarier as it can cause a lot of detrimental health effects. There are many approaches when it comes to weight loss and it can be confusing for some people to look for the best solution because they all seem to be effective. In order to find the best way to lose weight, it is imperative to know a person's body structure. People have different body structures which is why it is important to undergo check-ups before engaging into any program. One of the effective approaches that many people have tried is intermittent fasting. Here are some points about it to better understand how it works.

The leangains Guide

The Leangains Guide is a compilation of 4 different protocols which people can use depending on their health condition. It is made up of Fasted Training which is about training with an empty stomach and after taking 10 grams of BCAA or amino acids with similar composition. The next protocol is the Early Morning Fasted Training in which a person trains in the morning and feeds during the afternoon or even later. The third protocol is called One Pre-Workout Meal which means eating a small meal before workout which works best for people with varying activities during the day. The fourth protocol is called Two Pre-Workout Meals wherein people with regular schedules can eat two small meals before they do their routines.

The Anaerobic and Aerobic Energy System

They process of breaking down sugar in the body is called anaerobic glycolysis. The sugar which is broke down is then used as energy. The first step in this system is called the aerobic system wherein the electrons that come from digested sugars are passed through the body. People often intake foods that contain sugar but the real problem is breaking down these foodstuffs to convert them into energy needed by the body. It is best to be picky with food because as they say, you are what you eat. If you eat foods that can keep your body healthy, you will end up being healthy. Likewise, if you often eat junk foods and other things that do not provide much help to the body, you will feel sluggish and sickly most of the time.

Choosing the Right Types of Food

Choosing what you eat carefully can help a lot in boosting your energy. If you take a look at the Leangains Guide, you will notice that participants need to fast at certain parts of the day and yet they are still required to workout. It all goes back to the process of picking the right kinds of foods as you can have enough energy to do your activities during the day if you eat foods that can provide you with the nutrients that you need. Instead of going for unhealthy carbohydrates, greasy foods and other stuffs, you can choose to eat those that are high in protein and fibre which are usually slower to digest. This will keep you full for longer hours plus you can have enough energy to sustain you during the day.